Wednesday, May 28, 2008

thoughts from the air

waiting at Seoul Incheon for my plane

I wrote the following in my sketchbook because looking at a computer screen gives me a headache on the plane, but because I'm bored to death right now on layover at Seoul Incheon International, I will go ahead and transcribe (most) of what I wrote:

Excited. Calm. Apprehensive. Anxious. Anticipation. AIRSICK.

Total trip time: approx 14 hours
Time left as of writing this: 4 hours

How the hell did I manage to get through 10 hours by myself?
This is so surreal. You hop on a plane. Fall asleep for a few hours, step off the plane, and are instantly dropped off in a whole new world, country, culture. And we just take this for granted. Maybe it's just me. Only about 1% of US college students are able to afford the luxury of studying abroad, for reasons both due to money (or lack of) and simply not having a desire or will to do so. Is is the amount of research involved? the application process? Hell, I've been able to make it happen twice. I feel that there's no reason for not even looking into the option of going abroad. For some particular people that I've encountered or are acquainted with, or even friends with, seeing a world outside of Plano, or Texas, or the United States would be good to open up some narrow minded thinking. But perhaps I'm being a little harsh.

I'm flying via Korean Air, and this flight is considerably better yet considerably worse than last year's 10 hour Air Canada flight with Kelsey to Milan:
Worse? No company. Much longer. No personal t.v. screens. Several temperamental babies. And last but not least, the Filipino lady (who resembles Jen's mom) sitting next to me has a horrible case of dandruff, and decided to brush/shed her hair all over the right side of my body. She continues to do so as I write this.
Better? The Korean food is great. I just ate bibimbap (sp?) for lunch, and had a hot beef bun sorta thing for a snack. These Koreans sure know their pastries. :) The movies that they've shown are good selections too--Charlie Wilson's War, Once Upon a Time in Corea (yes, they spelled it w/a C), and National Treasure Book of Secrets (okay frances, it was an excellent movie).

I wonder about these people on this plane with me. What are their stories? Where are they going, and where did they come from? Who is this father & son from Hong Kong that are speaking so loudly? Who is this chubby little girl that's been periodically going up and down my aisle and hitting everyone's arm as she walks by? Maybe getting into LOST has brought on these thoughts. I admit also that LOST has probably contributed to my paranoias on flying. As I was boarding the plane today, I wondered as I passed the midsection if that was where the plane would break in half if we crashed. (yea...i know :/) Add that on to my paranoid thoughts about random freak accidents, combined with my severe hatred and fears of plane rides in general--not exactly a great equation for a smooth trip. Surprisingly, I haven't experienced much airsickness yet--maybe I'm getting better at this. Mostly my body just feels like its been in a coma for a year, and my eyes are really sore.

okay enough of that. I won't type the rest because it gets a little more personal and I'm sure no one actually cares. (If anyone besides one person will even read these posts, haha)

I actually drew out these stupid, quick pictures of everything I consumed on my plane ride. If i somehow find access to a scanner or whatever, then I'll try to upload it on here.

Otherwise, Annyong for now, and Ni Hao very soon...(flying into beijing international airport)


Eric said...

what an angry post. gotta calm down angelar

Anonymous said...

Hey Angela,

I know I don't know you well, but I came across your blog on facebook, decided to check it out and I like your writing style. I can't even begin to imagine how thrilling this trip will be for you just by your descriptions. Live it a lot, and have fun. Bibimbap (for me minus any animal products) is so amazing...kimchi too! Keep writing. La bonne chance et soit sûre!!

Angela | 温馨 said...

thanks RAM, but who are you! don't be anonymous! :)

RAM said...

OH this is Rachel Manning, I used to work at The Angelika. ^___^

Franangelico Ona said...

yea, soooooooo
korea used to be spelled corea before the japanese dinosaur went and occupied korea. then the japanese changed corea to korea because k is after j...
BUT, why does the Korean National Taekwondo Team have "Korea" written across the back of their uniforms???????>